Cookies on The Face Fits

The vast majority of websites out there use cookies to do good things. Cookies are tiny files, placed on your computer, that are then accessible to the website to track any number of things. They are not dangerous, they are not viruses, they do not have the ability to see you watch porn and email your wife. Cookies are essential to the smooth running of websites. Due to a new law we need to tell you all this and give you the chance to say no, remove our cookies and not receive any more.

We use two types of cookies here, ones that we set ourselves and ones by third party sites, I'm going to explain all of them below:

Our Cookies

Below are the cookies that we set ourselves and what they are for:


As you vote for people we run all sorts of stuff behind the scenes. We have algorithms to get new profiles established quickly, to prioritise premium members at certain times and most importantly; to track who you have already voted for and not show you them again for a while. Without this session cookie you cannot participate in the voting process.


Who doesn't like a quick battle? How annoying would it be though if you bet your last 5,000 points and lose against someone you had lost against three minutes earlier. Cheat! they'd shout, and we hate being shouted at. We need to use another session cookie to track your battling history.

Logging In

When you log in you probably want to get further than the first page, keeping you logged in is a job for session cookies, without them you would be automatically logged out the moment you tried to do anything. These cookies are in fact exempt from this 'we must tell you bit' as they are essential, but we're being honest, so you're getting them all.

Promotional Links

Sometimes people don't come here direct, they come from a promotion we are running. For this to work we need to know where they came from and track them until they register so they can receive their reward.

Refer a friend

One of our more popular options is to earn points through referrals, for this to work we need to know who sent them and track them until they register so the referrer can receive their bonus points.

Chocolate Chip

We use chocolate chip cookies to dunk in our tea at elevenses.

3rd Party Cookies

Below are the cookies that are set by other web sites and why:

Visitor Tracking

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to the web site. This allows us to see how many people come here, what they do and where they come from. This data is essential to build and develop on the successes we have already had and become even better.

Registering and Logging In

If you choose to register or log in with one of our social connection options you will receive a cookie from them, be it Facebook, twitter, Google etc. This is to keep you logged in to The Face Fits.

Sharing on Facebook

If you use Facebook from the site, to share your profile for example, it too can result in a cookie being set.

Google Chrome Store

If you come here from the Google Chrome Store that too will be tracked....

I'm scared, they are everywhere!!!!!

These silly cookie warnings are going to start popping up on EU web sites a lot, so hopefully over time we will all learn to ignore them, like we do terms and conditions, warnings about skin cancer in the summer and Jeffrey Archer. For now though please accept our word, as an awesome website, that we mean you no harm and our use of cookies is the only way a site like this can work.

Can I Opt Out?

I suppose at a push we could create a read only version of The Face Fits, a place where you can view profiles and nothing else (as everything else needs a cookie) but that is a lot of work for very little point. So to opt out means to not use The Face Fits. The link below will delete any cookies set by us and log you out (if logged in), finally it will redirect you to Google where hopefully you can learn a little something about cookies, realise your mistake and return to The Face Fits where we will be waiting with open arms for a big hug!

Opt out, bye bye The Face Fits

What is The Face Fits?

The Face Fits is a social experiment where you can find out exactly what people think of you based solely on your face. To find out, all you have to do is:

  1. Register for free.
  2. Upload a photo.
  3. Choose the questions that people will answer.
  4. Sit back and wait for the results!

For more help, click here.

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