The Face Fits FAQs

What do I do then?

That's easy, if you want to sign up and see what the world thinks of you based solely on your face, click here, it's pretty easy. You simply answer some questions, upload a photo, pick what you want people to answer and Bob's your uncle, you're on The Face Fits!

What are Face Points and how do I get them?

Well you get a bit more info on them once you're signed up/logged in, but basically you get a point for every time you vote on someone else's photo and the more points you have the more cool features you get access to. Remember you must be a member and logged in to earn points!

You can also earn bonus points in a number of different ways. Each time you visit the site we count how many votes you have made and reward you for the longer you stay. You can also earn loads of points by referring friends (one point for every point they earn forever!). For more information on referrals take a look in your 'My Account' area.

Once you have a few votes for your profile why not try BattleMode (it'll appear on the top menu if you're ready). In BattleMode you can pit your profile against other people and try and win points. If your profile has what it takes then this can be a great way to earn a lot of points in a very short time!

We also have Magic Mondays, where you can level up at a click of a button. Visit us on a Monday and look to the sidebar for the Magic Monday option.

I can't see my own photos when I vote, am I actually on here?

We don't want you voting for your own photo! How dull would that be, they are there, trust me.

Why aren't I in a top 10 when I have a higher score than those monkeys?

The top 10s are worked out based on both score and the number of times a profile is voted for. This way we make it as fair as possible, just sit back, relax and wait for a few more votes, then you should be there and can boast to your friends about your amazingness!

This site would make a cool app on my iPhone/Android Phone, or on Facebook!

Thank you, that's more of a statement than a question but I'm going to answer it anyway. We think so too, so we're talking to App developers right now about building some, watch this space!

How do I find out about updates?

Well you could keep an eye on the site or follow our twitter account - @TheFaceFits

Can I write my own Questions?

Yes, yes you can! You need to be level 25 to do it but that's easy, we're always giving away upgrades, have a look around the site to find one of the many offers. Once you are level 25 you can then add as many questions as you like!!

7 FAQs? Seriously, I have more questions!

For any other questions, queries, jokes or problems, use the contact page!

What is The Face Fits?

The Face Fits is a social experiment where you can find out exactly what people think of you based solely on your face. To find out, all you have to do is:

  1. Register for free.
  2. Upload a photo.
  3. Choose the questions that people will answer.
  4. Sit back and wait for the results!

For more help, click here.

Our Most Promiscuous Member

This is our most promiscuous member, do you think you could beat them?

Our top 10's are recalculated in real time and every profile is eligable*, so why not upload a photo and see if you could be our most promiscuous member today!

* There is a minimum number of votes needed to qualify, this is just to make it fair.